Appearances - 2007

  • Rivendell Cabaret, The Beehive, Swindon 17th December.
  • Puttyfoot Promotions at The Winners Lounge in Swindon, 6th December with Black Eye Dog, Betamaxx, and 3rd Storey Chemist.
  • Puttyfoot Promotions at The Winnders Lounge in Swindon, 8th November with Black Eyed Dog and Lamorna.
  • Left to our Own Devices, solo installation at the ArtSite gallery, 29th September. 4 video monitors and a couple of computer slide-shows illustrating ArtSite's activities in the gallery accompanied by "live" generative synthesizer music.
  • The Foundry in London, 1st September.
  • Artsite's Life's A Beach exhibition at the Artsite Gallery, Swindon 18th June - 30th July. Included my "Pebbles in The Sand" video.
  • Ghosts in The Machine 2.1 at The Community Crossroads in Swindon, 25th May.
  • Open Art exhibition at the Arts Centre in Swindon, 22 May - 7 July. Included two of my digital prints.
  • Random Function at the Watershed Multimedia Centre in Bristol on 27th April 2007.
  • Artsite's Still Alive exhibition at the Artsite Gallery, Swindon, 23rd April - 21st May. Included my video, "Alchemy".
  • Immersion at The Flea Pit, London 5th April.
  • Renewal, an exhibition of digital art at the Arts Centre in Swindon on the 27th February. Included my video, Derelict.
  • Children of The Middle east, at The 12-Bar in Swindon, 20th January.

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